My solemn promise to the Wi-Fi professional community.

oath1Fellow WLAN professionals,

Check out your favorite Wi-Fi blog rolls and you will find what I usually find: dead links, 404 errors or blogs that have not been updated for years.

I want to make a difference, so here is my solemn promise to the Wi-Fi community:

  1. I pledge to publish and maintain the best and most comprehensive Wi-Fi blog roll found on the web today!
    • Caveat 1:  These will be blogs, not vendor or personal web sites (unless the web page and blog are rolled together)
    • Caveat 2:  (this sounds ruthless, but here goes…) IF I see no blog updates for a year, I will remove the link off the blog roll.  Wi-Fi is changing constantly and Wi-Fi  professionals want to see active, not stale blogs!
    • Caveat 3:  These MUST be Wi-Fi blogs and not networking or IT support blogs, unless there is a definite Wi-Fi thread in the blog or there is great importance in the link (e.g. and are not blogs, but both are listed, due to their importance).  I want this blog roll to be the most helpful to the Wi-Fi community and not just a long list of blog sites.
  2. If you send me a Wi-Fi blog link, I will add it to the gcatewifi blog roll, if it meets the above criteria.

Lastly, this is an honor I plan to faithfully support as a service and resource to the worldwide Wi-Fi professional community!

Glenn Cate

August 5, 2013

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