“Wi-Fi isn’t hard—how difficult is it to not install wires?” Joking aside, Glenn Cate understands the detail and complexity of WLAN design and thus, has achieved CWNE #181, Ekahau ECSE #605 and other IT certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Lenovo and Stanley HealthCare.  Glenn has over twenty-one years of WLAN design and IT experience with an industry-leading VAR (Presidio), a world-leading distributor of IT products and services (Tech Data) and presently serves as a WLAN specialist with the largest power utility in the US (Duke Energy).  In addition to holding an A.S. degree in electrical engineering , Glenn is an amateur radio operator (Extra Class-N4GRC) and has a passion for designing and building antennas. He can be reached on Twitter (@grcate) and has maintains “the best and most comprehensive Wi-Fi blogroll on the web” at In addition to Wi-Fi, Glenn is an electronic geek, enjoys long distance running, woodworking and sharing his faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ with others. And when you get a chance, ask him that question: “In your opinion, how hard is it to not install wires?”  🙂

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  2. David Ritter

    Sorry to hear that your Dad transferred to Post Everlasting. Are YOU a member of the Sons of the American Legion? thence The American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC). Bet your father would be proud.
    David Ritter, Commissioner, 3rd Area, Sons of the American Legion, Department of California.

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  4. Hi Glenn, we are third level connections in LinkedIn so I cannot connect to you at this moment. (It says I can only send InMail or seek an introduction.) However, i believe if you ask to join Get Hired Academy LinkedIn Group, we’ll be able to connect. Here is the link to the GHA LI group that I started.


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