About the Background


This LPDA printed circuit board antenna gives great performance from 850 – 6500 MHz

I’m an antenna geek!  Always have been, always will be!  The background for gcatewifi.wordpress.com is a tiled photo of a number of different log periodic dipole array (LPDA) antennas, often used in WLAN installations for long range and highly directional coverage.  One of the many interesting features of the LPDA is that it provides a wide bandwidth along with  a modest level of gain.

Most outdoor TV antennas (the “long” ones) are usually designed around the LPDA concept.

Here are some technical links on log periodic dipole arrays (LPDA) design and theory:

To find out more about antennas, including the loop antenna I built (picture below), check out my blog “Antenna Design and How I Landed the IT Job I Have Today” at



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