Reply: “To Surf or Not to Surf – That is the Question”

This blog is a reply to Devin Akin’s blog on and can be found in its entirety at:


Allow me to be one of the first to categorize this blog by Devin Akin (and the consulting CWNEs) as “one of the best” I have seen on the details implementing 802.11ac, for the following reasons:

Vendor-neutral.   I know CWNP is the champion of vendor-neutral Wi-Fi, but much 11ac information is done by vendors, and after a brief description of this new technology, we then get the vendor marketing spew: “and if you buy our APs, you’ll get our 802.11ac ‘special sauce’ and your network will sing!”  (Or something like that anyway…), There is no ‘vendor-bias’ in this blog to cloud or confuse the 11ac technology.

Brief and to the point.  “All we want are the facts, ma’am” was the catchphrase used by Detective Joe Friday in the TV classic Dragnet (my age is showing…).  Here, Devin and the CWNE team provide just the main facts that need to be considered on when to implement 11ac.  (I’m curious how many pages the final document will be when released by the 802.11ac task force?)

“Gotchas”.   Several implementation “gotchas” are listed in the blog.  Example:  this is the first place I have seen the potential issue with 80 MHz channels in the enterprise—all other technology explanations seem to say 11ac will be just like a “multi-lane superhighway” (with no accidents, of course…).

Trust.  After I read a technical brief, the question I always ask is, “Can I trust what I have just read?”  CWNP continues to set the bar high with their outstanding technical documentation and industry professionalism and this blog by Devin and the CWNE consultants continue this high standard.  I will be comparing other 11ac implementation briefs to this one.

Lastly, a suggestion.  I would encourage CWNP to begin their own 802.11ac tab on the home page, to provide the details of 11ac, where industry professionals worldwide can list their questions, find answers, and provide a clearing house of information/links where Wi-Fi professionals can glean additional knowledge as we move from Wave-1 to Wave-2 in this ever-changing Wi-Fi world.

Devin and CWNE team…nice “surfing” indeed!

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One response to “Reply: “To Surf or Not to Surf – That is the Question”

  1. Devin Akin

    Thanks Glenn! We all appreciate the kind words. 🙂

    Devin Akin
    Chief Evangelist
    AirTight Networks

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