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EPIC! – a great description for WFD#7 this week (MiniBlog)

WFD-Logo2-400x398Many thanks go to Craig Schnaars (@the_wifi_guy) for coming up with a great adjective to describe Wireless Field Day #7 August 6-8.  Epic (def.): extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope   In other words, this ain’t gonna be no ordinary WFD!  So to get ready for this epic event, here’s a “one-stop shop” of links, blogs, podcasts, etc that will get you up to speed for WFD7 (#WFD7).  Plus, I have a personal note at the end.

Tech Field Day Sites:

Delegate blogs for #WFD7:

Vendor blogs for #WFD7:

I may have missed a delegate or vendor blog and if so, my apologies.  Please add any missed links in the “Leave a Reply” section below.

Personal note (begin):  To be invited as a delegate to WFD is an honor that causes me to reach for new words I’ve never used before.  For me and my WLAN career, words like awesome, incredible, and monumental seem to lack the needed emotional expression of being invited to this event.  (Maybe Craig is right–EPIC is a good way also to describe the invitation to be a delegate at WFD!). The day I received the invitation DM on Twitter from Stephen Foskett, was an epiphany (an intuitive grasp of reality through something, as an event”).  I drove to my wife’s school for a planned assembly and showed her the text on my phone and we both jumped up and down!  I felt (and still feel….) like I did years ago when my mom and dad gave me a “Moon Base” for my Christmas gift!

Words also do not adequately express the way I want to offer thanks to the Tech Field Day team for this important and meaningful invitation.  I mean really, you all do not even know me, except through blogging, Twitter and LinkedIN feeds, etc.  Yet, somehow, the delegate team said something like this, “let’s give this guy a chance!”  So please accept this “Thank You” from a grateful and humble heart!   Personal note (end).

So, my fellow WLAN reader, you should be given a chance too, don’t you think?  Seriously consider becoming a delegate for an upcoming WFD!  Just apply and who knows…maybe you and your spouse will be looking at a phone text, jumping up and down too!  http://techfieldday.com/delegates/become-field-day-delegate/

And to be sure your WLAN calendar is up-to-date, Wireless Field Day #8 is scheduled for April 1st, 2015 (yes, and that’s no April Fool’s joke!)

OK, if I whetted your appetite and you want to know more about what my “Moon Base” looked like, here’s the link.  The exploding mountain in this toy set was, well….EPIC! 🙂








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