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WLAN Wrapup – July 2014

4th_2July 4th was Independence Day in the USA, and I say all WLAN professionals worldwide can celebrate another freedom — Independence from Wired Networks! (OK, backhaul and PoE, we’ll cut you some slack).  Light up your firecrackers (carefully, of course) and join me in a celebratory, Wi-Fi Freedom Fest as we look at WLAN Wrapup for July 2014.  WLAN professionals, sing it with me now (cue music):    “Oh beautiful for spacious bandwidths, with amber Wave-2s of gains….”

wifi-tractorTour de Wi-Fi:  In the rural areas of Leeds on July 5th and 6th, two tractors were technologically transformed into Wi-Fi hotspots with a 500 meter radius, allowing fans of the Tour de France to gain internet access no matter how remote the route.  http://konnectifi.com/on-your-tractor-rural-wifi-for-the-tour-de-france/

Site Survey Tool Review:  Eric Geier does a review of Fluke AirMagnet Survey PRO, Ekahau Site Survey and TamoGraph Site Survey.  In his review, Eric uses an actual 36,000 square foot building as the site for testing all three tools in a “real-life” comparison and contrast.  http://www.networkworld.com/article/2449803/wi-fi/must-have-tools-for-setting-up-a-wi-fi-net.html?nsdr=true

twdr_radar1FCC changes to 5 GHz and TWDR radar:  FCC is re-opening the Terminal Weather Doppler Radar (TWDR) band (channels 120, 124 and 128), which will restore these DFS channels for Wi-Fi use.  This means that there will be an additional two 802.11n channels (40 MHz) and one more 802.11ac channel (80 MHz).  AP firmware modifications and re-certifications will be needed, but overall, more channels equals higher network capacity.  http://blogs.cisco.com/wireless/winning-back-the-weather-radio-channels-adds-capacity-to-5ghz-wi-fi-spectrum/

IoT Corner #1:  The Network Impact of IoT:  Good read about how IoT is bringing vast amounts of data, a huge impact on network systems and a renewed call for device security.  http://www.networkcomputing.com/cloud-infrastructure/iot-the-network-impact/a/d-id/1279208?

blink1IoT Corner #2:  Blink, a Wi-Fi camera that does some neat stuff:  This little IoT camera runs on two button batteries for a year and the company (Imeedia Semiconductor) manufactured the chipset to make it hugely power efficient.  Activated via motion detector or by an iOS/Android app, this bad boy provides HD streaming, night vision, instant on, temperature sensor and a built-in microphone. http://gigaom.com/2014/07/21/could-this-battery-powered-wi-fi-camera-show-chip-startups-how-to-find-a-market/?sf28838348=1  It’s also a Kickstarter company:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/505428730/blink-wire-free-hd-home-monitoring-and-alert-syste

WiFi-Honk1Wi-Fi Honk: Smartphone can protect pedestrians: If a driver is glued to their GPS in the car and a pedestrian is engrossed in Twitter on their phone, we have the formula for an unfortunate mishap.  Not to worry–there’s an app for that!  Wi-Fi Honk adds GPS information, speed and direction of the phone user to Wi-Fi beacons and then obtains acceleration info from vehicles which allows a collision prediction algorithm to determine when a user needs to be warned of an approaching car or pedestrian.  http://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/safety/wifihonk-smartphone-app-for-drivers-and-pedestrians-gets-you-out-of-the-way?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+IeeeSpectrum+%28IEEE+Spectrum%29

failed_infrastructure_aheadA Threat to Internet Freedom!  OK–STOP reading my blog (yes, that means YOU!) and take 5 minutes to watch this outstanding video from the New York Times on the dangers of losing net neutrality.  A very good video blog and well-worth your time:  http://www.nytimes.com/video/opinion/100000002991603/a-threat-to-internet-freedom.html


WFD-Logo2-400x398Wireless Field Day #7 is August 6-8.  What–you don’t have WFD7 scheduled in Outlook/iCalendar yet!?!? (And you call yourself a WLAN professional–shame on you!).  OK, I’ll cut you a few dropped packets, but you have to bookmark now WFD#7!  This is an incredible Wi-Fi “All-Star”  lineup, including  Aruba, Cisco, Fluke, AirTight, Extreme, Avaya, and WildPackets.  It may be one of the best WFDs that Tech Field Days/Gestalt IT has ever presented!  (I personally know one of the delegates!).  Live streaming begins August 6th at 1000 AM PDT: http://techfieldday.com/event/wfd7/

powercloudComcast buys cloud control Wi-Fi company.  PowerCloud Systems, a cloud-based Wi-Fi management company can mange your Wi-Fi network through their own Kickstarter-funded Wi-Fi router device, Skydog. This management software can divide your network into distinct zones, define different policies for each zone and for each user, send alerts, improve connectivity, performance and security.   http://www.dailywireless.org/2014/07/14/comcast-buys-cloud-control-wifi-company/

speed-lightsWhy we need to slow down on the gigabit Wi-Fi standard, 802.11ax.  Interesting thoughts about the newest Wi-Fi standard in this guestpost by Jay Bothello of WildPacketshttp://venturebeat.com/2014/07/20/why-we-need-to-slow-down-on-the-gigabit-wi-fi-standard-802-11ax/

And from the “Not Another Wi-Fi Cartoon, Please!” Department, here are some that you may have seen, may not have seen or never want to see again!  I do like the last one, however (men and women, read carefully, please…).  Enjoy!



sealing my wifi cartoon

wireless data stream cartoon






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