Wi-Fi Blogging and Running Shoes

Running Shoe WifiWi-Fi blogging has a huge connection with running shoes.  You do see the relationship, right?  But I digress….(and I bet you’re glad I did)!  How did I start my Wi-Fi blog and what have I learned that I can pass on to my WLAN professional colleagues?   I’ll leave the running shoes to the end of the blog (aren’t you glad that “internet-smell” is still in beta?).   Join me on a jog around the WLAN blogging track, mobile device in hand,  as I share with you what I did to start my Wi-Fi blog.

August 2013 was when I started my first Wi-Fi blog.  No, it was nothing exciting or really interesting, except to me.  But I really wanted to start to get my ideas out in the WLAN world, so I gave it a shot.  And I had maybe ten followers, after three months!  Please realize when you start blogging, very few people will follow you–and that’s to be expected.  But you will learn A LOT as you begin — about blogging, about yourself, and about Wi-Fi.  Here are some things I learned after I started my Wi-Fi blog and I offer them here for you, in no particular order, hoping they will help you as you do your own Wi-Fi blog:

Tips on Wi-Fi Blogging:

  • Start a blog on http://www.wordpress.com.  It’s pretty easy to get a blog setup and started.  Take time to read through everything they offer and even use one of their customized templates to begin.   Now if you are an HTML guru or have your own hosted web site, then start your own blog using those tools.  But I have found that WordPress.com is the easiest way to start (there is a WordPress.org site, but you need your own hosted site to use it…fyi)    Some have found http://www.postach.io easy to use, so you can check it out also.  Learn how to use your blog site, make it attractive, turn on the publicize and social networking features, and crank out your first Wi-Fi blog!
  • Topics and styles.  As you blog regularly, you’ll begin to develop your own style and persona.  It takes a while, but keep at it.  Maybe you will blog topically on things you like, such as RF or site surveys or troubleshooting or vendor products.  Keep on blogging and see what styles and topics fit you best.
  • K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) Your blog does not have to be totally technical all the time.  Personally, my blogs tend to revolve around stories and that helps me with a theme to start off a blog.  But, please do use illustrations, graphics, and URL sites which will make your blog more interesting and easier to follow.  And if your topic is overly complex, break it up into two, three or more blogs.  (There are no blogging rules, you know!)   Simple, shorter, regular blogs are good and will keep other readers following, too.  Long blogs are just hard to follow in our busy Wi-Fi world!
  • Idea generator.  Where do you think and dream best?  Go there regularly and you will come back with great ideas!  I love to run and usually do not wear an iPod — I use my runs as times to clear my head, meditate on favorite Bible passages and of course, think Wi-Fi!  And ideas come at strange times, too.  Jot them down!   Get them on paper (if you’re old school like me…), dictate a note on your smart phone, send a text to yourself, whatever.  Don’t let those super Wi-Fi blog ideas go down a black hole!
  • Keep ideas “warm” in the hopper.  Let those ideas germinate and keep them active — you can have many different draft blogs going at one time.  So, when (not if….) an idea strikes you, start a draft on your blog site and put down those ideas to get your brain going.  Last year, I did an end of month blog called “WLAN Wrapup” and added ideas as I saw Wi-Fi topics come up during the month.  Maybe you could come up with a regular theme as well.
  • No matter what, keep blogging!  Did you know that some people will love your blogs and some people will hate them?  So when you get “hate mail”, what do you do?  Do not let fear paralyze your blogging!  Read the negative comments, learn from them, and keep on blogging!  The WLAN community wants to hear what you say and what you know!
  • Regular schedule.  Try to blog regularly.  Blog once a month or maybe you can do it twice per month or even weekly.  Some people say you should blog a lot with little content and others say blog less frequently with more content.  I’m not sure which is best (see above–there are no rules to blogging…).  But don’t go a long time without blogging, because people will lose interest and stop following your blog site.
  • Proofread, spell check and see what your blog looks like in preview mode.   Add URLs and make sure they are active.  Don’t publish a “half-baked” Wi-Fi blog — our WLAN community deserves better.
  • Remember, no blog is perfect.  No matter how hard you try, your blog will never be the best ever.  So, do not let perfection intimidate and paralyze you.  Yes, check it over and be sure it looks great.  But eventually, you will need to “pull the chain” and publish!  And after you publish and find a mistake, be sure to take time to correct it.
  • Giving back to the WLAN community.  No, this is not a tip, but just a personal comment.  With great humility, I would not be where I am in my WLAN career if it were not for the awesome Wi-Fi blogs on the internet.  My technical knowledge has been strengthened and I’ve made incredible personal contacts with the men and women who blog regularly about Wi-Fi topics.   I have “taken” a lot from these Wi-Fi blogs to boost my career and that’s a reason why I want to give back to the WLAN community.  From a grateful WLAN professional, thank you to ALL Wi-Fi bloggers!
  • So, do you have any tips you use in Wi-Fi blogging?  I certainly have not listed them all and I’d  love to hear your feedback–use the “Leave a Reply” comment box at the end of this blog.

Where do the running shoes come in?  Well, I thought you would never ask!  You know the Nike running shoes slogan, right?  When it comes to Wi-Fi blogging, YOU as a WLAN professional…..

  “Just do it”

So, when are you going to start your Wi-Fi blog?  I’m waiting to read it…..and even list it on the “best and most comprehensive Wi-Fi blogroll on the web”  at http://www.gcatewifi.wordpress.com

WLAN professional, start your Wi-Fi blog today!

An interesting history of Nike trademark and the “Just Do It” slogan can be found here: 


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  1. Great post, love the KISS acronym! Sharing it with our followers, hopefully you’ll inspire some more people to start their blogs 🙂

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