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Happy New Year from gcatewifi !!!


Wifi-2015Happy “Wi-Fi”  New Year to my friends and WLAN professional colleagues!  Here’s hoping that 2015 will bring some incredible WLAN opportunities your way.  I’m not huge on “New Year’s resolutions”, but I do always take some time at the beginning of each year to reflect and review the past and make plans for the future.   So join me as I give you administrative access to the GUI on my AP management app (a.k.a. my head) and let’s look at Wi-Fi past and Wi-Fi for 2015!

WLAN Education:  So, what IT certs did you achieve last year?  None–really?  OK, I am not a cert-a-holic, but I really, really strongly believe that WLAN pros need to constantly be studying and looking at improving their Wi-Fi skill set.  Set a 2015 goal to get an IT or WLAN cert you don’t have!  Remember, it’s not just the acronyms behind your name…

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