Wi-Fi was not needed — an “angelic” MiniBlog

wifi_nativity1It was over 2000 years ago that an angelic chorus proclaimed some incredible news…the long-awaited Messiah had been born to an obscure family in an isolated village in Palestine.  And although no Wi-Fi existed then — and was not needed by the angels for this divine announcement — I wonder how this message might have been communicated if Jesus had been born to Mary and Joseph in the year A.D. 2014…..

If Jesus were to have been born today,  I believe that only the best WLAN would have been configured to proclaim this incredible “Good News”.   The stable would have to have PHY of 802.11ac, four-spatial streams and dual bands with steering toward 5 GHz.  160 MHz Wave 2 channel widths with 256-QAM, leveraging MU-MIMO would be pushing the data about this awesome event out to 3.5 Gbps!  All 802.11b rates would have been disabled, allowing only the fastest data rates to proclaim this news.  Capacity and coverage would be incredible, rivaling our biggest sports arenas today.  With point-to-multipoint bridging, mesh APs and redundant 10G backhaul to OC-192 SONET pipes, there would be no points of failure or congestion in getting this incredible message to the world.  Of course voice and video streaming would be supported so that everyone far and abroad would have the latest about this world-changing birth!   Everyone associating to the AP in this lowly stable in the city of Bethlehem would be kept up-to-date with dispatches about the Magi coming from the East.  And NO captive portals!  Who knows, but there may have even been a 802.11ad 60 GHz AP floating around, just for fun!  And without a doubt, the angels would be using “cloud-based” AP control!

Rest assured, there’s no desire for me here at all to alter the beautiful Christmas story we celebrate this time of year.  But I’m just dreaming and thinking of a verse in Scripture where the Apostle Paul wrote that he would have “become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” (1 Corinthians 9:22).

If you are interested in reading the “original” story, the link is here.

So from my AP to yours, I want to wish YOU, my WLAN professional friends and colleagues, a wonderful Merry Christmas !!!

Happy Holidays from gcatewifi !!!

NOTE:  No ceramic nativity animals were harmed or injured as the Wi-Fi symbol was “temporarily” installed on the stable roof. 🙂


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