WLAN Wrapup – May 2014

coffeecup¡Bienvenidos a “WLAN Wrapup” para 2014 de mayo!  (Hey, gotta recognize Cinco de Mayo, no?)  Pour a taza of your favorite cafe con leche y disfruta (enjoy!) this month’s WLAN news and views!

You can’t be neutral on net neutrality!   Unless you and your ostrich friends have had your heads in the sand, you have seen a bunch on net neutrality over the last few weeks.   Net neutrality means non-discrimination against packets from origin to destination (a Netflix, YouTube, http or email packet is treated and priced the same from server to client and back again).  There is an excellent discussion of net neutrality in the May Windows Secrets http://windowssecrets.com/top-story/net-neutrality-what-it-is-why-you-should-care/     The bottom line for me is that the FCC needs to protect net neutrality!  If not, it will affect all ISP pricing and internet speeds (yes, that includes Wi-Fi!)  Use this link to submit your opinion to the FCC (called a direct filing) on proceeding FCC-14-28 (this is the number given to the net neutrality discussion).  http://www.fcc.gov/comments. I checked today (May 29th) and there were already over 46,800 filings!  Let’s tell the FCC to protect net neutrality!  The public comment period runs until July 27th.

gaswar1Gas AP Wars begin!  Remember gas wars (this dates me a lot…), where one station would cut their gas prices and other stations would drop theirs, too?  Well, Aerohive released their AP230 802.11ac for $799!  Meru is offering their AP832 802.11ac AP for $595 (with a trade in of an enterprise-class 802.11n/ac AP).  Ruckus and Aruba had trade in promotions last year, but nothing now.  So, which gas sta…, er I mean,  AP vendor will be the next to drop their ac prices?  Just like in the gas war days, I’m hearing the chant: “how low will they go?”

Then there’s the Ubiquity UAP-AC at $299.  Personally, I think this vendor is in an AP war on a different planet!   This company is consistent–they usually finish in last place when tested against other vendors.  I’m just not a fan of Ubiquity– maybe it’s OK for SOHO use, but I would not use Ubiquity in any enterprise installations.

WFD-Logo2-400x398Wireless Field Day #7 is coming;  Mark your calendars on August 6-8 for WFD#7!  Innovative WLAN vendors share information with independent thought leaders in a presentation and discussion format which is live streamed (AirTight, Fluke and Extreme Networks are on tap with more vendors to be announced).  The neat thing about WFD is that vendors actually listen and have taken feedback and made product changes!  This just in..a new delegate will be at WFD#7, Glenn Cate (hey, that’s me!).  I’m honored that Steve Foskett invited me and humbled to be sitting next to some of the best WLAN thinkers and bloggers!  To say the least, I’m excited to be going to WFD7! http://techfieldday.com/delegate/glenn-cate/

Meru Networks on the auction block?  A Meru Networks investor is pressing the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based wireless vendor to pursue a sale of the company, saying in an open letter that Meru can’t keep up with WLAN competitors like Ruckus and Aerohive and appears “hopelessly subscale.”  (This wouldn’t have anything to do with SCA would it? Just a thought….)  http://www.crn.com/news/networking/300072802/investor-presses-meru-networks-for-a-sale-says-company-is-hopelessly-subscale.htm

Cisco Live!  Did you attend?1467375_10151819742102807_1610656218_a  I did not have that privilege, but my Twitter feeds were hot and alive with some pretty exciting session news.  Two Wi-Fi presentations that caught my interest were: Best practices to deploy high-availability in Wireless LAN Architectures (BRKEWN-3014) and Managing Policies for BYOD Network (BRKEWN-2020).

Here’s the link to get all the Cisco Live! archived sessions (free account sign up required): https://www.ciscolive.com/online/connect/publicDashboard.ww

L’internet des objets A French company is doing an I0T install from the San Francisco Bay Area south to San Jose and will soon have what may be the nation’s first dedicated Internet of Things network.   Sigfox will use a sub GHz frequency that will allow long-range, low bandwidth and low energy technology to be leveraged for everything from wearable devices to home alarm sensors.http://www.networkworld.com/news/2014/052114-a-wireless-network-for-gadgets-281787.html?hpg1=bn

top_10And from the “Best Wi-Fi SSIDs I’ve Ever Seen” Department, here are some cute, clever, interesting, questionable, strange, funny, perfunctory and obtuse (?) SSIDs, in a “Top Ten” countdown format:


Number 10 – The “What’s the Password?” SSID: 


Number 9 – The “Honeypot” SSID:

“Come_4_Beer_at_5_30”   Also seen:  “Free_Weed_at_Apt_5”

Number 8 – The “Government-in-my-Backyard” SSID: 

“NSASurveillanceVan#29”   (the van number changes occasionally to keep the neighbors thinking……)

Number 7 – The “Presidential” SSID: 


Number 6 – The “Seinfeld” SSID:


Number 5 – The “Where Am I Tonight?” SSID:

“LaQuintaGuests”  (seen at a Marriott hotel….)

Number 4 – The “This LAN Was Made for You and Me” SSID:  

“ThisLANisYourLAN”guest network.

“ThisLANisMyLAN” – private network

Number 3 – The “Urological Concerns” SSIDs: 

“It_Hurts_When_IP” , “It_Burns_When_IP” and “IP_Freely”

Number 2 – The “Men Cannot Get it Right” SSID” 


And the NUMBER ONE SSID is…..


….wait for it….


#1  The “Anti-Wardriving” SSID: 



Until next month, may all your BYOD devices connect with ease and all your APs survive their next firmware update!





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