WLAN Wrapup – April 2014

keep-calm-and-enjoy-the-wi-fi--1Welcome to WLAN Wrapup for April 2014–some of the best WLAN news, articles and items of interest for WLAN professionals.   Keep Calm and Enjoy this month’s highlights of Wi-Fi news and views!

Blake Krone has launched WLAN video podcasts on his No Strings Attached Show website.  Blake says he is just getting ‘started’  in video production, but these first videos look pretty professional to me!  Check out Blake’s video review of the new Fluke LinkSprinter at http://nostringsattachedshow.com/2014/04/08/s01e02-fluke-networks-linksprinter.

One AP per Classroom has become an interesting (and opinionated!) WLAN debate over the past few weeks .  But Keith Parsons has knocked one out of the park with his blog and white paper “Why One Access Point Per Classroom Approach is Wrong”  http://www.wlanpros.com/one-ap-per-classroom-approach-wrong/#more-3863  This is a not just a tremendous explanation on Wi-Fi design for K-12, but Keith does the WLAN community a huge service in explaining the steps every WLAN installation needs to follow for successful Wi-Fi:  Design, Install, Validate, Remediate.    Hats off to Mr. Parsons for a write up that will one day go into the WLAN Hall of Fame!  I think Keith’s bottom line can be summarized as this:  Design and don’t use shortcuts!   I have a gut feeling the “one AP per classroom” discussion is getting a bit quieter now.

relay2 Relay2 is a new player in the ever-growing cloud-managed WLAN scene.     http://relay2.com/relay2-hardware.html   Looks like this this new company (website launched 1/30/14) is emphasizing zero-touch provisioning, an enterprise shift from CAPEX to OPEX and possibly an edge in the SMB market.  (but I noticed no 802.11ac APs on their website.  Hmmm….)  I’m interested in seeing a Relay2 installation and how this “new kid on the block” fits in the ever-growing WLAN market.

Enabling SDN (Software-Defined Networking) in the WLAN, if instituted, will help with unified management and high performance of critical applications.  BYOD alone would benefit from a unified wired and wireless networks.  But, we all know, WLAN vendors “do not play nice together”.  Ajay Malik has a good commentary on SDN-Enabling the WLAN at http://www.networkcomputing.com/wireless-infrastructure/sdn-enabling-the-wlan/a/d-id/1114078?

CWNAwWanna “Jump-Start” your IT Career?  Be sure you have CWNA in your bag of certifications, according to the list by Network Computing: http://www.networkcomputing.com/careers-and-certifications/top-it-certifications-to-jump-start-your-job/d/d-id/1204427?image_number=6

Devin Akin continues to intrigue us with IoT (Internet of Things).  (Just an aside –I wonder when we WLAN professionals will just understand the IoT acryonym and not feel obligated to tell people what it means?)  His latest blog says the IoT will “drastically impact Wi-Fi infrastructure and end-users in a variety of key areas”.   http://www.divergent.pro

WLAN Websites:  Bookmark now Gibson Research Corporation  (http://www.grc.com) as one of your WLAN “go-to” websites to help with a lot of security stuff.  ShieldsUp! and Perfect Passwords are just some of the security tools in this feature-rich website.  Although some items would apply to SOHO networks, there is still a lot of great security learning on this site.  I used the Password Haystack feature to check the security of the WPA2 passphrase on my home router (and it cannot be hacked in like several trillion trillion centuries..).

donkey2And from the “Wi-Fi in the Bible” Department, park Kfar Kedem in Israel offers a glimpse of life in an ancient Jewish village in Galilee and has attached Wi-Fi routers to five of their donkeys in an attempt to bring the ancient world up to modern standards. While Wi-Fi is not exactly part of the Biblical narrative, the history and religion themed park is frequented by foreign tourists, who are now able to instantly share their experiences over the web without having to get off their “donkeys”.  (you can check out their exact quote on the web site…  🙂 ). http://www.biblicalarchaeology.org/daily/news/biblical-israel-with-donkeys-and-wi-fi/

Until next month, may your all clients associate at 5 GHz and your WLAN installations be controller-less!



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  1. Great post! Been reading a lot about WLAN systems. Thanks for the info here!

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