WLAN Wrapup – March 2014

WiFi_AreaHere are some highlights of WLAN news for March 2014 (I had to include some April news too, because some of this stuff is just too good to wait another month!!!)

Aerohive Networks officially went public on March 28th (NYSE ticker symbol “HIVE”), with stock values hovering around $10.00 a share.  It will be interesting to see if this influx of capital will broaden Aerohive’s already strong enterprise WLAN offerings.

And while we are talking, the AP230 was just released, Aerohive’s newest 82.11ac AP.  And did you hear the price is right around $799?  Wow!   I hear you all saying , “I paid more for an 802.11n AP than that!”.  Yep, me too.  This is a two-radio, 2X2 MIMO AP that runs on 802.3af PoE.  Lee Badman does a good review of the AP230:  http://wirednot.wordpress.com/2014/04/08/aerohive-brings-new-access-point-to-maturing-11ac-market.

FCC announced changes to the 5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum on March 31st.  Indoor and power restrictions were changed in the U-NII 1 band and 25 MHz of bandwidth was added to the U-NII 3 band.  Andrew vonNagy has thoroughly read the entire ruling and summarized what WLAN professionals should know about this:  http://www.revolutionwifi.net/2014/04/impact-of-fcc-5-ghz-u-nii-report-order.html.

Qualcomm Atheros is releasing a MU-MIMO, 4-stream chipset.   Tech web sites are eating this up, grabbing the talking point of “triple Wi-Fi speeds”.    Which vendor gets to be the first to put this new chipset in their router and client adapter (rumor has it this has already made it into an SOHO Asus router)?  Qualcomm announced that the first products will be hit the shelves around 4Q2014 or 1Q2015.  Their Snapdragon 801 processor (HTC One, Samsung S5) supports this (software update needed to turn on MU-MIMO) with the Snapdragon 805 also supporting MU-MIMO.  WLAN colleagues, 802.11ac – WAVE 2 is starting to become a reality!   So, which enterprise vendor will be the first one to market their AP with MU-MIMO?  ( http://www.qualcomm.com/media/releases/2014/04/03/qualcomm-innovates-optimize-spectrum-usage-revolutionary-mu-mimo-wi-fi ).

WLAN Professionals Summit videos are up!  Check out these incredible videos of the conference, packed with WLAN knowledge, insights and cutting edge stuff from some of the world’s leaders in Wi-Fi:  http://www.wlanpros.com/wlan-pros-summit-2014-videos.

Congratulations to Devin Akin on launching Divergent Dynamics, a “global consultancy focused on addressing the unique Wi-Fi related challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT)”.   (AirTight Networks has lost a great resource.)  I have learned a ton of Wi-Fi stuff from Devin’s writings, but the biggest thing I have learned from him is this:  where Devin goes, WLAN professionals will follow!   Devin (CWNE #1) continues to blaze cutting-edge trails in Wi-Fi —  watch where he takes this new startup as the IoT is quickly evolving to an everyday acronym in WLAN technology.

And from the “Wi-Fi is Life” Department, if you do not passionately agree with the graphic below, you need to seriously consider changing your WLAN career!! (maybe to something like a 14th Century Art Historian?).

WiFi foundation


Until next month, may all your APs have friendly neighbor reports and your clients roam with no lost packets!  🙂


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