Wireless Field Day #6 – Day Two Blog (Page One)

WFD#6 Day Two was a great day, with Plan Ceibal, Cloudpath Networks, Xirrus Networks and Extreme Networks presenting.  This blog (Page One) will review Plan Ceibal and Cloudpath.  Page Two has reviews of Xirrus and Extreme.

Plan Ceibal (http://www.ceibal.org.uy/)German Capdehourat presented this project, which is helping to bring computer and Wi-Fi technology to all students in the country of Uruguay.  Computers are provided by the One Laptop per Child program (http://www.one.laptop.org) and Plan Ceibal is working on Wi-Fi infrastructure, resources and teacher training.  Here’s an impressive statistic:  98% of all students in Uruguay have internet access. (I looked up a stat that said the US also has 98% internet access) .

It was good to see two non-profit organizations (Plan Ceibal, Disaster Tech Labs) presenting at WFD#6.  Twitter comments seemed to agree that organizations which provide valuable community services should continue to be heard at future WFDs.

Cloudpath Networks (http://www.cloudpath.net/products):  Kevin Koster, CEO of Cloudpath, presented his organization’s security emphasis (and an interesting sidenote–Cloudpath is the first non-AP vendor to make a presentation at WFD).  Kevin starts out by saying that personal and managed devices can be put on a secured network and further I believe he is spot on with what is needed for BYODs today as  “the ability to assimilate devices into the enterprise easily and securely” (italics mine).  Effortless onboarding (with security!) is just too difficult to do everywhere I go; Cloudpath offers a great solution.   (How many times do you go to a hotspot and pause before you authenticate, knowing this is an ‘open’ connection?).   Other items/comments that that peaked my interest were:

  • BYOD devices are here to stay; we have to find a way to deal with them.
  • PEAP has aged into obsolescence (I agree–and our enterprise just moved from PEAP to EAP-TLS)
  • Terrific graphics to explain PEAP and advantages of EAP-TLS (Note:  if you are studying for any CWNP exam, bookmark this video and review it–great stuff!)
  • Kevin describes in detail how Cloudpath’s XpressConnect Enrollment System works to enable capabilities and services through certificates for all users and devices on a network.  (watch the YouTube videos for all the product details.)

My one question is (and btw, Cloudpath looks like a great product!), why do other vendors not offer similar outstanding (not just adequate…) onboarding and security options as a service with their devices?   Sure, certificates for BYOD devices may take a bit more doing, but it sure makes sense (very secure sense….).  I will be watching to see if any other vendors step up to match what Cloudpath is doing.

So, here ends Page One and all my comments about WFD6 (check out my Page Two comments also…).  It was a great two days and I will be reviewing the videos again.  Thank you, Steve Foskett, Gestalt IT and the team who put on Wireless Field Days for keeping us up to speed on what is happening in Wi-Fi today!   And in case you have not done it yet, be sure to mark your calendar now for Wireless Field Day #7 on August 6, 2014!


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