Wireless Field Day #6 – Day One Blog

I wanted to get my comments and reactions blogged about the three vendors/presenters at Wireless Field Day #6:

AirTight Networks:  I continue to be VERY impressed about what AirTight is doing and offering:

  • Managed Service Provider.  AirTight includes many services (for no charge) that other Wi-Fi vendor provide only for a license and fee.   Devin Akin said “all APs provide speed” and he is right.  What vendors do not provide are the services needed to manage a wireless network.  AirTight appears to be meeting that need.
  • Guest management.  Onboarding is easy, safe and secure with AirTight.  Guest account management looks easy to setup and scalable.  (It looks much easier to set up than other vendor guest account setup…..)
  • WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Protection) was the software foundation for AirTight before they began manufacturing access points.  And their top notch WIPS is built into their AP family and not only detects intrusions but prevents intrusions from occurring.  In light of all the recent retail account hacks lately, Wi-Fi security is hugely important and AirTight offers one of the best WIPS in the industry.

Bottom line:  I need to look further into AirTight and speak with them before my next Wi-Fi installation. http://www.airtightnetworks.com/

Aruba Networks.  Well, the live streaming connection went down about half way into the presentation.  What I did like is how Aruba does location tracking inside with their APs.  My question is:  do other vendors also provide this service?  http://www.arubanetworks.com/

Disaster Tech Lab was the third presenter on Day One and the only one that received a partial standing ovation!  Evert Bopp described how Disaster Tech Labs goes into disaster areas (Haiti, Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma tornadoes) and sets up Wi-Fi communication for the community.  They are not necessarily first responders, but their service allows vital internet communication to take place in disaster areas.  The GATR ball for VSAT communication and the repurposed NASCAR trailer that is becoming a Wi-Fi trailer (to provide internet cafe Wi-Fi, P2P communication and conferencing) looks like it is a much needed service when any disaster strikes.  My Twitter feeds were all agreeing that many Wi-Fi professionals listening want to know how they too can help in this much needed disaster relief service.  http://disastertechlab.org/

That’s all my comments for Day One; Day Two starts tomorrow at 1 PM (EST)!

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