Wireless LAN Weekly – the BEST WLAN Podcast on the web today!

WLANpodcast1Wireless LAN Weekly (Keith Parsons) is the best WLAN/Wi-Fi podcast I have found on the web today. (www.wlanpros.com)  After listening to WLW052 (main topic:  “7 Rules for Accurate Site Surveys”),  I realized I needed to blog about this podcast for other WLAN professionals.  Here are four reasons why every WLAN professional needs to make Wireless LAN Weekly podcasts part of their weekly Wi-Fi diet:

1. It is technical, but not too technical.  As WLAN professionals, we are daily bombarded with technical data and information. We  want to be on the learning edge in Wi-Fi, but some days, we simply cannot handle any more “new information”.   Keith has a teaching gift in presenting technical information via podcasting in a comfortable, fun and enjoyable format.   Anyone, from a WLAN novice to a CWNE, can benefit from the technical presentations made in WLW.   Pour a cup of your favorite coffee (in your CWNP mug, of course…), sit back and enjoy!

2.  It is vendor-neutral.    I listen to several “vendor-centric” podcasts regularly and do learn some, after sifting out unneeded vendor stuff.  However, Keith’s presentations are not tied to a specific vendor, elevating WLW information and making it usable and applicable, regardless of the WLAN vendor(s) you support.

3.  It grabs your attention….and keeps it!  Some podcasts lose me in a few minutes–but not so with WLW!   Keith grabs and keeps your attention by strategically dividing the 50 minute podcasts into four parts:

a.   Main topic:  A guest joins the podcast, knowledgeable about a Wi-Fi issue of the day, discussed in a question and answer format.   Always tons of great information on WLAN topics that interest us all.

b.   Tutorial:  Keith spends time explaining in detail important Wi-Fi concepts – key knowledge for every WLAN professional. Recent topics have included how a client associates to an AP, cable quality, hidden nodes and radio tap headers.  Website graphics and downloadable pdf documents are available as well.

c.  Geek Glossary:  An important Wi-Fi term is defined and described how it is used in the industry.  Brief but good.

d.  WhoIs:  An interview with a WLAN professional.  A good time to get to know personally WLAN professionals who are impacting the worldwide WLAN community.

4.  It inspires you to be…a better WLAN professional!  Seriously…there has not been a WLW podcast where I have not learned–and been inspired–to be a better WLAN professional.  WLW podcasts are timely, valuable and useful in my WLAN career.   Simply put — I want to be a better WLAN professional after hearing every WLW podcast.

I have Wireless LAN Weekly bookmarked and check it out every week, because I want to improve my WLAN skill set.  I hope you will do the same.

Now maybe Keith will reveal the names of the British man and American woman who introduce the podcast each week……


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